Do-it-yourself basement waterproofing system
SquidGee Dry basement waterproofing system Dry up your wet leaky basement with the SquidGee™ Dry Basement Waterproofing System
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Your basement waterproofing solution!

Your Basement Waterproofing Solution!

The most common source of a wet, leaky basement is exterior water builds up in the hollow block walls, forcing its way in through the joint where the floor and wall meet. By rolling your mouse over the image, you see the water entering the basement through the joint. After a heavy rainfall, excess water pressure is created, flooding your basement with water. This type of water problem rarely works its way underneath your basement floor and up through floor cracks in the middle of the room.

The SquidGee Dry Basement Waterproofing System relieves the hydrostatic pressure built up in your basement walls and drains the water out of the walls through the weep holes. The SquidGee Dry System extracts the basement water and directs the water straight into your sump pump.

compare the prices of a DIY basement waterproofing system and professional waterproofing contractorWater being self-leveling will flow to the lowest part of your basement, either your sump pump or back out the basement walls.The SquidGee Dry System is easy to install and will dry up your wet, leaky basement for a fraction of the cost it would take for a professional waterproofing contractor to install.

Before the invention of the SquidGee Dry Basement Waterproofing System, contractors would bust up your concrete floor, hauling mud, dirt and rock in and out of your home. An expensive drain tile system was then installed. If installed correctly it was effective, but if there were any errors it causes major headaches and increased costs to the homeowner.

Buy your SquidGee Dry System today!Dry up your wet basement today with the reliable and trusted SquidGee Dry System! Installed in over 40,000 basements nationwide!