Implementing ArmorThane Polyurea For Waterproofing Protection

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Failing to properly seal and reinforce the foundation of your new build could cause it to take on water damage and break down years before it otherwise would. Concrete, wood, and other materials that commonly makeup foundations are almost all susceptible to the elements. If you dont use polyurea protective coatings around your foundation, then you run the risk of your building collapsing and putting occupants in danger. With properly applied polyurea coatings from ArmorThane, you'll have peace of mind with every foundation you spray.

Polyurea is a hard resin that bonds to concrete. It is used in conjunction with concrete to prevent and mitigate water and mold damage. It'll help seal out water and keep mold from getting into the foundation, which will cause it to decay. The ArmorThane Polyurea protection will keep water from penetrating the foundation. The ArmorThane polyurea will also give your home a permanent gloss, without the use of a high-volume bleaching agent. There are a number of ways to achieve the gloss that ArmorThane Polyurea provides. A few examples are applying surface oil or surface wax before the concrete.

Anytime there is a building being constructed, there is a major build-out of the foundation. The foundation of your new build is one of the most precious areas because there is much that can go wrong with it. And any problems can cause the foundation to have to be replaced. It should be sealed to keep the rain out and minimize the effects of water. In most cases, the seal of choice is ArmorThane Polyurea coating. It is easy to seal and extremely easy to install.

With polyurea coating, you'll be looking at having your foundation reinforced. The quality of the polyurea coating will help to prevent it from eroding, meaning the exterior walls won't rot. It will be protected from freezing and decay, which means the exterior walls will be longer. The installation process is quick and painless. There are no special tools, surfaces, or methods to learn.

After the coating is applied, you'll notice your new foundation has a permanent gloss, with no need to reapply the polyurea coatings. While polyurea is very durable, there is a need for regular maintenance and application of the polyurea coating, not only to keep it looking good but to also prevent and mitigate any water and mold damage.

It is a very rewarding way to experience the benefits of a permanent, sparkling foundation. And the most exciting thing about the ArmorThane Permanent Finish is that it doesn't require any upkeep or reapplication. It will be a shiny foundation from the day you leave the builder's driveway. No matter how long it takes to install and prepare your home, the foundation will be shiny. Whether you are replacing a section of foundation or are simply applying a coat of polyurea, the ArmorThane Permanent Finish will provide lasting, brilliant protection for your home. For the first time, there is a superior alternative to the traditional exterior polyurea coating. 
The polyurea coating is not easily damaged by water and mildew, meaning your foundation will not erode. The polyurea coating will resist mildew, meaning your foundation will last longer. The polyurea coating is also an eyesore, meaning the area surrounding your new, powder-coated foundation is bright and clean, however, it is covered with mildew-resistant polyurea particles. So, the area surrounding your home will be sparkling and well-lit, but you have the choice of a polyurea foundation that remains even after the house is built.

Because the polyurea finish is applied to your new house as soon as possible after it is built, not every home will have this choice. Each builder has its own schedule for when to apply the finish. The only way to ensure you are getting the polyurea coating is to do an inspection of your new foundation and the surrounding area before you build. If there are very bright areas, the finish should be applied. If there are very dark areas, it should be left alone. If you get the polyurea coat, the entire area surrounding your house should be sealed with a polyurea primer. And, for safety reasons, never touch a primer-coated area with your bare hands.

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