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A strong foundation is a key feature of any home. It literally holds it up. Failure to properly seal or reinforce your foundation could lead to water damage and premature demise. Concrete, wood and other materials used in foundations are all vulnerable to the elements. You run the risk that your foundation will collapse and put occupants at risk if you don't apply polyurea protective coatings. ArmorThane provides a guarantee of safety for every foundation it sprays.

Many homes that are relatively new end up crumbling because they were not properly sealed. Unsealed foundations can quickly decay when they are paired with high-moisture environments. There were many excuses in the past. We didn't have as much information and polyurea coating was not widely available. General contractors in this day and age have few reasons to not use a protective coating when repairing or installing foundations. ArmorThane can help you with your foundation repair or installation.


It's a low-pressure job to repair the work of another contractor. Someone else has already done it wrong, and you are just trying to make it right. A new-build residential or commercial contractor has a lot more responsibility. A faulty foundation could prove to be a disaster for your company's reputation in the future. Sealing the foundation is a crucial step to ensure the structural integrity of your new home or business.

There are many reasons water can get into your foundation. The most important is that moisture can buildup in concrete. This causes cement to deteriorate slowly and weakens the bond between it and other particulates, which give concrete its strength. Unless your project is high up on a hill, it will most likely be in direct contact with moisture. Unprotected foundations can slowly absorb moisture from the surrounding area, leading to foundation cracking quickly.

Even if there is no visible structural damage, it could be lurking in the background. A health problem could be the first sign that a foundation is not properly sealed. A foundation inspection may reveal that mold is growing in a homeowner's basement or on their first floor. You could be responsible for all repairs to the foundation and any health-related costs if you fail to properly seal it.

A foundation built well should last for many years. This is the truth that every contractor knows. After you have spent the time, labor and brainpower to create a solid foundation, you can protect it with our specialized foundation coatings. Our coatings are guaranteed to protect your foundations from any water damage.


Polyurea coatings were not common in the past to waterproof foundations, basements and pools. There are many opportunities for general contractors, pool builders, and mold remediation experts to work on these repairs. Your services will grow as you offer waterproofing polyurea coatings. Customers will be delighted to learn that cracks in the foundation don't mean they have to lose their house, pool or basement.


ArmorThane is the right choice for you if you work in general home construction, home renovation, and repair or pool installation. Our polyurea and urethane products are used in everything, from vehicle protection to armor. You get a proven, durable product that will last long after the job is finished. Call us today to discuss your foundation coating requirements!

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